"I have worked with Crown Landscapes for many years on a range of differet projects. I have found they were professional, courteous and reliable. They worked well with other trades and were very accommodating in getting the project completed."

Ben Pearson
Commercial Manager
Longcross Construction

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Tree Surgery and Arboriculture

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We offer Tree Surgery and Arboriculture services to better maintain the sites of our customers, working to the highest industry standards, we ensure all of our operatives are trained to BS3998 or equivalent as recommended for tree works, our services include:

Vegetation clearance

Preparing an area for site work, change of use or landscaping is essential to smooth completion of a project.  Scrub clearance, tree felling or invasive species control, we have trained operatives who can prepare the site for future use.

Tree Felling

Whether felling a tree in a restricted area where climbing and dismantling the tree is necessary or felling a tree in the traditional ‘forestry’ sense our practiced methods ensure a safe, calculated and controlled fell.

Stump removal

Stump grinding can be done by either grinding the stump to below ground level and allowing the root system to rot away, or by physically extracting the roots from the ground with the use of  heavy plant.   We  can undertake either of these methods to meet your project’s needs. 

Tree Pruning – Crown reduction, crown thinning, crown lifting , pollarding, dead wooding

Pruning  your trees on a regular basis is a means of maintaining the tree’s shape and size while also providing an opportunity for experts to evaluate the condition of your trees. 

Hedge trimming and maintenance

Regular trimming is essential for keeping your hedges strong and healthy looking.   Knowing the right We  have the knowledge and expertise to ensure the wellbeing of your hedges and shrubs.

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At Crown Landscapes Ltd. we work to recognised industry standards and subscribe to the following organisations.

CHAS ISO 14001 Certification ISO 9001 Certification

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