"I have worked with Crown Landscapes for many years on a range of differet projects. I have found they were professional, courteous and reliable. They worked well with other trades and were very accommodating in getting the project completed."

Ben Pearson
Commercial Manager
Longcross Construction

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Security, Privacy, Safety, Sound proofing and Protection are all considerations when installing fencing. 

We can install the right fence for your needs.  

Security fencing :

Chain link fencing –   either galvanised steel with plastic coating or concrete clad with chain link this is a low maintenance fencing system.

Palisade fencing –a high security fencing, difficult to climb, low maintenance with high damage resistance.  It is offered in either galvanised steel or polyester powder coated steel in a range of colours.

Welded Steel Mesh Panel Fencing – is available in either galvanised steel or polyester powder coated steel, again in a range of colours.

Knee rail:

Knee rail – timber knee rail is a cost effective method of protecting spaces.  It allows for pedestrian access to a space but prevents vehicular access.  Timber knee rail uses timber posts supported by a birds mouth fixing on timber posts and secured with metal straps.

Timber fencing :

Closeboard/Palisade  fencing – timber fence panels  are supported  on concrete or galvanised steel posts using pressure treated timber.   Closeboard fencing ranges in height between 1.2m and 2.4m

Acoustic fencing –  acoustic fencing consists of butted up and overlapped timber boards attached to timber rails and connected to galvanised steel or concrete posts, ensuring there are no gaps for the sound to travel through

Post and rail fencing – is a sturdy and hard wearing fencing solution for which is ideal for large boundaries.  Post and rail is commonly used for roadside fencing and livestock purposes.  Post and rail can be further enhanced by attaching wire mesh fence for further security.

Trellis – can be used to provide privacy and security, screening,  or windbreaks.  It can also be used to add additional height to a fence while still allowing in some light.

Chestnut pale fencing - is an inexpensive semi-permanent fencing option.  The chestnut pales are attached to wires which are then unrolled and attached to stakes.  This fencing can be taken up and  reused. 


Timber hoarding – generally plywood is used and painted to the desired colour.  Used as temporary fencing this can be removed and reused.

Herras Fencing and Steel Hoarding – is used as temporary fencing to secure a site.  This is more effective for projects which take longer.  It can be taken down and reused.   Steel hoarding is polyester powder coated over galvanised steel in a range of colours.  Prefinished so there is no need to paint.  




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